Every year we go to Rocky Point and build a home or two for a needy family.  One of the best trips of the year!  This year we are building a facility in a community center that will serve the physical and emotional needs in the barrio in Puerto Penasco.  Mark your calendars March 2-4, 2018. 

Need Help Raising Funds?  It can be done easily by setting up a Go Fund me page and sharing your page with family, friends, co-workers, ect… Click here to find out more. 

Register TODAY by clicking here.  There are only 60 spots for this trip so register today.

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YLNAU Mexico House Building Details, Forms, Guidelines 2017

**Please read carefully and fill out all information completely.  Thanks.

Depart: Friday, March 2th Arrive 5 am at South Commuter Parking Lot for a prompt and sharp 5:30 am departure.   Return home on Sunday, March 4th (ETA to Flagstaff around midnight).  Event details also posted on facebook/ylnau.

Necessary Items:

Please download & fill out forms & Return to the Collective Gathering on Feb 15.

1.  Passport (absolutely necessary)

2.  YL health form filled out prior to arrival at South Commuter lot Friday morning (absolutely necessary) http://norazyl.younglife.org/Documents/Health%20Consent%20and%20Release%20Form%20YL6007.pdf

Mexico/YoungLife necessary info please click on the link below and fill this form out

3.  Spending money for 2-3 travel meals.

Drivers:  if you are driving… THANK YOU your willingness really makes this trip possible!

1. Please arrive promptly at 5 am with a full tank of gas.

2. Have your YL drivers questionnaire up to date click here to start this process https://apps.younglife.org/DriverQuestionnaire/Questionnaire.aspx.  If you are driving you need to email your full name, email address and email that info to [email protected]

3. Borrowed Vehicle form may be filled out if you are not a YL leader.  Download here and email a copy to [email protected] by Feb 20

Cost: $175 per person payable to YoungLife.  Thanks ASNAU and sponsors!  Pay by clicking here.

Who: YLNAU students, leaders, community partners and friends of YoungLife.

What/Where:  A unique weekend adventure together to build a structure at a community center and improve a community health facility in Rocky Point, Mexico.

Important to know: There are always concerns about overall safety of this trip.  There is always some element of danger traveling to any foreign country.  This trip is tried and true (11 years running) and we work with a local agency that keeps an eye on safety as well as provides us with a secure and gated campsite and has a vigilant eye on the neighborhood that we will be working in.  Rocky Point has historically and currently is experiencing less and almost none of the problems with drug cartel issues that are so prevalent in the news currently.  We do all of our traveling in Mexico during daylight hours and in groups to ensure optimal safety.  If there are further concerns feel free to contact trip leader Jason Rinne at 928 853 0540 or visit 1mission.org or call 1Mission to get further info.

Personal Items: Tent (sharing with your friends is great), sleeping bag, work clothes (long pants and t-shirts), work gloves, water bottle, sunscreen, toiletries, towel, warm clothes for camp (expect warm days and cold nights, avg temp 70 high, 40 low).  Optional but helpful items… hat, sun glasses, tape measure, hammer, saw,

Make sure you put your name on all personal items

Read more about this trip here:

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